Having regular roof repair done, keeping your gutters clear and choosing quality roofers in Southern Maryland can all help prolong your roof’s lifespan. Eventually, you’ll need roofing installation in Southern Maryland.

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When Do I Need a Roof Replacement?

Select The Best Materials for Your Climate

In both home and commercial roofing, lighter roof colors reflect the sun’s heat, helping a home or building stay cooler, while darker shingles absorb heat, helping a structure stay warmer in colder seasons. Southern Maryland experiences hot and humid days during mid-summer and average temperatures in the mid-30s during winter, with some snowfall. You might prefer shingles made of material that withstands the elements and seasonal temperature changes, keeping your home or business comfortable year-round.

New roof installation

Roofing materials and technology have evolved and become more energy-efficient. If your roof is several years old, replacing it is a home improvement project that could save you lots of money. The weather in Southern Maryland can become uncomfortable during summer, with high temperatures and humidity. During the middle of July, temperatures can reach the upper 80s. And during the winter months, it sure feels like we sometimes get to -80! Reflecting sunlight away from a structure helps keep it cool. Roofing materials that reflect this light away from a home or business can save money and are suitable for areas where the winters are mild. Changing the shingle color can also improve energy efficiency, depending on the environment.

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We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the best materials with the best service and top-quality results. That is why we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on our services, as well as a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty on our products. As a GAF, CertainTeed, and Tamko certified installer, we can assure sure you that your roof will last.

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