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Roof Storm Damage Check List: What to Do After a Storm

Severe weather can cause sudden and catastrophic damage to your roof. Pinpoint Innovations is Southern Maryland’s reliable and trusted roofing contractor, and we know how devastating severe roof damage can be. Use this roof storm damage checklist to understand how storm damage can affect your roof and what to do about it.

Types of Storm Damage

A storm can significantly damage your home, especially with high winds and rain. Storm damage to your roof can include ripped shingles, holes, missing shingle granules, curled shingle edges, torn screens on dormer windows, protruding roof parts, loose weather stripping, and twisted or broken gutters.

Wind From Rough Weather

Wind-driven rain and wind during heavy snowstorms can cause roof damage, including loose shingles, leaks and deteriorating roofing materials. Hurricane- and tornado-force winds can destroy a roof and cause excessive damage to the entire structure.

Hail Damage

Some homeowners fail to check a roof after a hailstorm. They may not notice damage, but a hailstorm can render a roof vulnerable and lead to leaks. Hail damage can include small holes, tears, and cracks in shingles.

Standing Water & Unseen Leaks

At first glance, your roof may appear in good shape, with no visible damage, but there may be leaks you can’t see. If you inspect your roof carefully, you could avoid these issues, leading to costly repairs later. Standing water near your home’s foundation may mean your gutter system is damaged and isn’t channeling water away from your roof and your home’s foundation.

Debris From Severe Storms

When there’s a severe storm, you may see all types of debris on your property. Larger tree limbs on the ground, missing fence posts, broken glass, torn screens and other out-of-place items can be signs of additional damage. If wind tears up other elements around your home, it will likely damage your roof.

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What to Check After a Storm

A storm damage assessment or roof storm damage checklist should include checking for changes around your property that indicate wind damage. An initial roof inspection includes walking around the home’s exterior to look for damage to overhangs, windows, roof vents and exterior walls. Fallen tree limbs on the roof can also be a sign of damage.

Creased & Missing Shingles 

Creases are not just unsightly – they’re also a symptom of damaged roofing material. Usually caused by strong winds, creased shingles occur when wind finds purchase and pushes up asphalt until it forms an obvious dent in the surface; this is why inspections can be so important for maintaining your home’s safety!

A creased shingle on your roof isn’t just a cosmetic issue – it’s an indication of two more serious underlying problems. Having open pockets beneath the surface gives air space to lift and separate the layers, while missing granules weaken its protection capabilities against all kinds of weather elements. This can compromise both your home’s structural integrity as well as its inner security.

Will my roof leak if some shingles blow off? Yes. If you don’t replace the missing shingles, there is a 100% chance that your roof will leak. You might not notice it at first, but water leaking into roof decking can warp your roof, seep into your walls and spoil your attic insulation.

Check the Attic and Ceilings

Your damage checklist should include your attic and ceilings. Damp attic insulation, leaks and water stains on ceilings are signs of roof leaks from storm damage.

Protect Your Home’s Interior 

Water can penetrate a roof when there are missing shingles or holes, so protecting your dwelling from further damage is vital. When the damage is minimal, replacing the compromised shingles may address the issue. If there’s extensive damage, there are some steps you can take to protect your home’s interior and furnishings until you can replace your roof.

Placing large buckets or trash cans under leaks to catch water can lessen the damage to floors. Move upholstered and wood furniture to a dry area to prevent them from getting soaked.

Immediately after a severe storm, taking steps to control the damage is essential. Covering the roof with a tarp is a temporary solution, but when there’s extensive damage, a roofing tarp can protect your home until you get the roof repaired. Pinpoint Innovations can install and attach a tarp, so it remains secure.

Schedule and Conduct a Roof Inspection

The only sure way to know about the condition of your roof after a major storm is to get a roof inspection. A professional eye is best for roof damage, so leave the inspection to a pro. After a significant weather event, such as a storm accompanied by hail or high winds, it’s best to check the entire roof and follow up with repairs if needed. 

Pinpoint Innovations serves Southern Maryland and offers free roof inspections. A thorough inspection can determine if your roof is damaged and to what extent. It can also give you the information you need to work with your insurance provider.

Call Your Homeowners Insurance Provider

If the inspection shows roof damage, call your homeowner’s insurance provider to determine what your policy covers. Homeowners’ insurance typically covers damage to your roof caused by hail, tornadoes and storms. If a deductible applies, you’ll have to pay that amount. Your insurance company will cover the remaining repair costs after you pay your deductible. If your home is in a flood zone and the roof damage is due to a flood, you must request payment through your flood policy.

Hire a Dependable, Trusted Roofing Contractor

If you’re like most people, your home is your most important investment. You should hire a trusted roofing contractor with a reputation for excellent work. After a sizeable regional storm, finding a contractor to get to your roof work may be difficult, and scam artists will take advantage of the situation. When a roofing contractor offers you a deal too good to be true or insists you pay for the job up front, you should keep looking.

Pinpoint Innovations is your trusted roofing contractor in Southern Maryland. We’re a family owned business providing roof repair and roof replacement. We’re fully licensed, insured and certified to offer adjustment and inspection services. Our financing options provide peace of mind, allowing you to pay for your new roof over time. Give us a call at 240-222-1453.